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"Cis garbage". I think the only garbage here is you. Are you ryukishi? No, right? Then let people write they fucking theories. At least that person wrote a fucking theory. All you wrote was bullshit. The umineko fandom doesn’t need dumb assholes like you, get…

I said I won’t comment on harmful reactions but if I’m being blamed for false bullshit I can’t shut up

Thinking a character isn’t trans=/= “I feep uncomfortable with trans Headcanons”
Same goes with being transphobic.
I really don’t mind about trans Headcanons.
So first of all, stop making up things.
I only mind when the fandom force Headcanons in a way that suggesting anything else immediately makes me a Transphobic bitch. (See what happens now)
The reason I made this theory is because I think Yasu’s entire complex and interestingly written, and after few disscussions with friends we got some interesting ideas. Heck, we even theorized about Hermaphrodite Yasu and Lion and considered possibilities and what it means over the characters.

If you’ll be able to open your mind a little and not see just “SHE SAID THAT CHARACTER IS NOT TRANS SHE’S TRANSPHOBIC” and see instead “she offers a different analyzing, and I don’t agree with her because of X” maybe you’ll be able to enjoy an intellectual disscussion about your Umineko theories. I revised theories of mine so many times during disscussions, if you give me a good reasoning, believe me, I’ll give it a good thought.

I didn’t think suggesting a character ISN’T trans is such a fandom sin.

P.S. I just told a good transgender friend of mine today you guys call me transphobic, he told me to let you know he laughed.

Farther flaming, insulting comments will be ignored.

You were built to destroy. You can never belong.

Okay, that’s it

I thought of staying quiet and just watch, but it’s really going overboard and I wish to make some stuff clear.

When you write “Umineko”, I can see it in the Tag search in my mobile, and I saw ALL the passive-aggressive insults. Maybe you call me “trash” but breaking news- I’m a human.

Now, let’s clear few claims up:

  • First, with my side URL "UminekoRetardedEdits". This side blog exists for NEARLY 3 YEARS (Since April 2012, feel free to check it up). Only this year, someone came with the request to change the URL since it was offensive. Since I have a lot of followers on my blog, and my edits were already credited in many places, I decided to hold a poll whether I should change it or not.

Out of the 400+ followers this blog has- I received comments from 10 people in total, and even then part of it was “don’t change the URL”, which is why I chose to keep it. I answered politely to people who asked me to change it I do not plan to change it for now, but the attitude that grew kind of gross towards me only made me not want to change it even more. Sometimes I reconsidered changing it, but the attitude I received from the fandom only made me drop the idea.

  • Second, the Theory I posted. Just yesterday- I posted a theory which suggests a different analyzing of Yasu’s gender identity. As FAR as I know, Yasu’s gender identity did not get a canon information yet. It’s true that there are stuff pointing for “Transgender”, however, I had a different theory, and wished to share it with the fandom. Why? Because I find theory-discussions one of the greatest things you can do. If you disagreed with the theory, you could simply reblog, write to me what you think that’s wrong, and we could have an intelligent talk about it.

As for those who think I posted it on purpose to annoy- Feel free to ask few of my friends, they can testify that I planned to post it a while ago. But you know what I didn’t? Because the Umineko fandom is fucking terrifying. If I post a theory that’s not to “your liking” or not like your Headcanons, you claim the person to be a shitty human being.

Why I laughed when you got angry? Because it was expected and I found it so sad that I can’t post a theory without being flamed. 

Let me also note this- my way of dealing with hard stuff is laughing. When stuff gets tough for me, I laugh instead of cry (Heck, my mom died 9 years ago and I joke over it). I got to be called in terrible names, so yeah, I laughed, because that’s how I deal with it. (Because some people bothered to check on my personal Twitter, yes, I saw it too.)

  • For being called Queerphobic- Please speak with my genderqueer friend, I was the one to introduce them the term, and thanks to me they can finally identify themselves because they had a LOT of issues about it , and I serve a main role in helping them up with their issues (before you get angry- I received their permission to write it down).
  • As for being called Transphobic- please speak with few others of my Transgender friends, maybe they’ll tell you otherwise.

Thinking Yasu is not Transgender does not make me Transphobic.

Thinking Lion is cis does not make me Cissexist.

I offered a different view of analyzing, because that’s the beautiful thing about Umineko- we did not get full answers, and some stuff are left for the reader. So why am I supposed to be afraid to express my opinion in the fandom?

I will not respond to irrational and mean- spirited comments meant to insult me.


dear umineko fandom,

breaking news


amazing, isn’t it????

Yasu’s gender identity analyzing- not actually Transgender?

Hello there! After few theory-talks with friends, I decided to post my own analyzing of Yasu’s gender identity.

It was already confirmed that both Yasu and Lion are biologically males, yet how they identify is still up to the reader to understand, and I wish to share my own theory/analyzing with the fandom.

 In short: my theory is that I believe Yasu’s case involves a lot of messing up between gender identity and sexual attraction (while Lion does identify as male.)

The rest is under the read more!

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Happy Umineko day for all the fandom!!

Cosplay all the seacats

Happy 2nd Day of Umineko!


Oh my, it seems you survived. <Good>. Don’t panic over people dying for I, the great detective Furudo Erika, shall find out the culprit very, very soon! Oh, do you want to aid me? I’d rather you not, you’ll just get in the way and it only makes me suspect you get it? You could be wanting to offer a hand so you can keep tabs and misguide me. I doubt it is you, the tape on your door wasn’t broken, but I am an intellectual rapist after all ihihi. Does this much please you, My Master? 


((Happy 2nd day of Umineko, Netta!! I hope you’ve been having a great time and eating foods you like and taking it easy! <3!!))

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ You too! I hope you’re having a great time ;v;